Dr. Roy P. Fune


I like to describe myself as a scholar-practitioner.  As a professor, I think I bring to the classroom a strong educational background in Leadership, Organizational Behavior, IT Management and Project Management, along with the practical experience to be able to apply the theory to real world scenarios.  I feel that I am also fortunate in that I am staying in touch with the technology in my focus area in IT, which is internetworking.


I have been through numerous career transitions, as I have been an Air Force officer, operations manager, accountant, financial analyst, and budget officer.  Working full time keeps me extremely busy, but I still value my role as an adjunct professor at Strayer University.  Over the past 14 years, I have had the pleasure of helping up-and-coming individuals achieve their educational goals and energize their careers, and my involvement in academia has helped me to stay at the cutting edge of my industry.


I currently live in fabulous Las Vegas...a wonderful place to be.  My hobbies include martial arts (I hold black belts in two martial arts), Tai Chi (Yang and Chen Style), weight training, cycling, aquarium keeping, and container gardening.  I also consider myself a frustrated jazz pianist.


Email:  rfune@rpfsys.com

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